On April 13th, Elena Rossini, modern day Renaissance woman and sole entrepreneur-filmmaker, launched a Blog post-Twitter campaign with the hopes of attracting the attention of influencers in the film industry on Twitter.


Entitled “It Only Takes One Person”  Elena’s blog post from start to finish is a storytelling masterpiece with countless lessons for entrepreneurs and startup marketers to learn from. Of them all, there are 4 key takeaways every entrepreneur and start up or small business leader can take from her blog post:


1. Don’t be Afraid to Spotlight your Product at the start of your blog post

Prior to telling the backstory of her journey to creating documentary film, The Illusionists, Elena allowed the film to speak for itself by placing its trailer front and center. This tactic ensured that readers of the blog post had an affinity with the documentary’s content and an established relevancy to the story, which would later intensify the power of her blog post’s call to action.

Moving forward Elena was free to assume that readers who continued on reading supported the film, allowing her to structure the blog content’s story to such an audience. There was no need to focus on educating readers on what the film was about or convincing them of its value. The trailer served as the persuasive tool for itself.


2. Use Headlines to Define Each Stage of your Story

Such Great Heights


It Only Takes One Person 

Each headline of The Illusionist blog post evokes an emotion that is relatable to readers. From the headline “Catch 22” it’s also clear that conflict and transformation is occurring within the blog content. Without even consulting the text of the blog post, the headlines alone are founded on storytelling principles.


3. Leverage Twitter to Get the Attention of Influencers


The sly inclusion of a “Tweet this hashtag” call to action directly below the trailer ensured that time-poor blog post visitors could immediately and easily support her documentary by sharing the blog post in order to build visibility and credibility in the eyes of potential partners and Influencers. Tweeting her blog story to the general public or user’s followers was the most unimposing invitation that Elena placed on the user. For the visitor who didn’t have time to fully digest and understand her campaign’s priorities this level of support is most ideal and easy to execute.

Entrepreneur uses storytelling in blog post and uses Twitter to reach influencers and investors

The blog post’s final call to action, however, called for more direct Twitter communication with the Influencers Elena hoped to partner with in order to make “The Illusionist” more appealing to film festivals and distributors.

Entrepreneur uses blog content and Twitter social media marketing to gain investors

4. Update Your Blog Post with Results


By updating her blog post with the results of the campaign, Elena allowed her audience to share in her joy and feelings of accomplishment. The best stories are the ones where readers are transported into the narrative. Sharing results with your blog post readers on the success or even shortcomings of your business or campaign builds authenticity, humanizes your business and encourages continued support.


Entrepreneur uses storytelling in blog post and uses Twitter to reach influencer and gets positive response

As we always say, seeing is believing and for that reason we highly recommend witnessing Elena’s blog post first hand and engrossing yourself in the story. Only then will you understand why everyone’s Tweeting about Elena’s documentary The Illusionists, and prominent blog authorities are featuring her captivating story.