Increase the value of your brand and establish its longevity by building a more effective content marketing strategy.


Here are 5 social media posts trending about content marketing this month:

 5 spot on tips for building your small business’ narrative: know your audience, sustain your story over time, make it local and have content to back it up.

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Fail proof words of wisdom for small businesses tackling content marketing: “for content marketing to work, we have to realize this important creed: Your customers don’t care about you, your products or your services, they care about themselves. To get and keep attention, content needs to be amazingly useful and incredibly interesting. That means you have to stop talking about yourself . . . especially in social media channels.”

Source: BRW 


Couldn’t have said it better ourselves—Content marketing is NOT the same as Advertising: “Content marketing and advertising do share some common goals. Both seek to cultivate positive brand associations in the minds of a target audience. Only content marketing, however, has the power to develop brand advocates. These are people who trust your brand and understand it; because they’re so passionate about what you do, they take it upon themselves to evangelize. That kind of clout can’t be measured in numbers of tweets, “likes,” or any of the metrics that traditional advertising chases. Though an ad campaign may yield short-term spikes in sales, a network of brand advocates has lasting power.”

Source: Forbes 


While some of the suggestions are more intuitive (ie. invest in quality content over quantity) there are many creative tips on how to recreate old newsletters and consult more niche social networks like Reddit for content ideas.

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Great content builds audience understanding of the value of your business’ product or service. As such, an argument can be made that an increase in value perception allows small businesses to increase pricing as their clout grows. Thoughts?

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