Visual content marketing can be an effective investment for firms to raise awareness, engagement and ultimately sales who understand the technique behind choosing which platforms to use, and how to use them. Both brand storytelling and marketing know-how separate the fluff from those that drive real results for businesses.

Here’s a roundup of the top 3 trending stories on visual content marketing this month:

Unsure of which social networks to build a content strategy on? Here’s the latest run down on photo social networks: “Instagram’s community boasts 15 times more engagement than its parent company, and more than Twitter or Google…Pinterest is now only a third of Instagram’s size and only 23% of users are on the platform daily. Instagram is not only larger, but it’s got 58% engagement and 16% of those users have a household income in excess of $75,000. The sticking point from Instagram is that the app doesn’t yet offer users a way to click-to-buy from the photos — a huge opportunity given the rise of m-commerce. On Pinterest, while it may take a user two or three clicks to get to the source of the item they desire to make a purchase, there’s still a way.”

Source: Forbes


If you needed more reason to invest in building a reputation on Pinterest: “Shoppers who are referred to a site from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy. On average, Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than visitors from non-social channels. Call-to-action pins, on average, pump up engagement by an incredible 80%. The average order amount placed through Pinterest is about $80 and the average household income of a Pinterest user is $100,000.”

Source: Small Biz Trends


“Kelley concluded that visual brand storytelling centered on a recognizable hero was a pretty effective content marketing crutch for brands, especially those who were marketing products with a slightly less glamorous image. The brand with the highest increase in Facebook engagement in this case study (Charmin at 585%) is a prime example of this. Would you feel compelled to like, share, and comment on posts about toilet paper? Unlikely, but the presence of their loveable brand mascots, the Charmin bears, makes their content so much more likeable.”

Source: Business2Community