Mobile is eating the world

In 2013, app usage skyrocketed in growth 115% year-over-year. Mobile addiction is becoming the new norm— the average mobile consumer checks their device 150 times a day. In just one quarter of the year, mobile addicts (classified as users who open apps 6x more than the average) more than doubled from 79 Million to 176 Million users.Mobile app engagement has grown across every category in the past year.


Women are the mobile addicts of our present and future 

A Jan 2014 survey of mobile users found that women are 8% more likely to classify as Mobile Addicts. Extrapolating the trend to the greater mobile population indicates that there are 15 Million MORE female mobile addicts than male.

If you’ve been paying attention to Pinterest news lately then you should be absolutely mind blown by how valuable women have been to their mobile-social network.

A recent study from RJMetrics found that 84% of women are still pinning in their fourth year on Pinterest, and their engagement levels are increasing as time goes on. This is an incredible piece of knowledge for mobile app developers who fail to keep the overwhelming majority of their users (62%) using their app after just one month!



Women are proving extremely loyal and engaged on Pinterest



The case for mobile app developers to disrupt Retail

In 2013, social and messaging apps dominated mobile app growth metrics, indexing at a rate nearly double the average, while retail indexed nearly 38 percentage points below average. And yet when asked which sector would he invest in as a mobile developer, one of the most influential leaders in the mobile technology space, CEO of Flurry and Silicon Valley maverick, Simon Khalaf  answered without hesitation: “Retail.”

Perhaps he chose retail because:

  • Two-thirds of the 140 million U.S. adults with smartphones state they are more likely to shop at a store with an app (apigee)
  • 66% of U.S. smartphone owners state that they are more likely to shop at a store that offers “an app with searchable product catalog, featured sales, and a store locator.” (apigee)
  • U.S. consumers as of last year were spending more time engaging with retailers on their smartphones than they do on their desktop (ComScore)


Retailers up till now are generating traction in terms of engagement on their mobile apps, but many are struggling to convert mobile app users to purchasing customers. Mobile app developers looking to bring retailers the sales they need to drive their business forward should strive to build an app that meets the recreational and utility driven needs of app users. Such an app will be well poised to change the face of the retail industry as we know it, and bring the ultimate value to consumers and retailers.