Building a Network

Philly Tech Week– A weeklong series of events focused on promoting technology and innovation in Philadelphia. There will be many opportunities to learn and network.

PSL – Philly Startup Leaders is the largest and most active community of tech entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region. They host workshops, events, and conferences all yearlong dedicated to connecting early-, mid- and later-stage startups with the knowledge, people and resources they need to scale their business. Any tech entrepreneur in Philly should join their listserv and prioritize attending their ticketed events, like Founders Factory.

Ignite Philly– They put on events for young entrepreneurs in Philadelphia to showcase and practice pitching their startup, and get feedback from their peers.

PACT– The Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies provides resources, information, and educational programming for tech entrepreneurs. They’re well known for their industry-series events dedicated to tech, healthcare and clean tech, two-day IMPACT Conference that connects the city’s leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and showcase event PHORUM that educates attendees on emerging technologies with speakers, exhibits and hands-on workshops.

Alliance of Women Entrepreneurs– AWE is a leading association for women entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. They are well known for their mentoring programming, workshops, and yearly gala that attracts Philly’s most notable female entrepreneurs. Their Building Bridges Fellowship Program supports early-stage women entrepreneurs with professional coaching and building an advisory network.

Young Involved Philadelphia– Surround yourself with other young people who are playing leading roles in rejuvenating Philadelphia. Socially aligned entrepreneurs should check out their Board Prep program, aimed at assisting young leaders in joining local nonprofit boards.



2424 Studios – Office & studio space perfect for scrappy startups looking for a private workspace. Located in an area of Fishtown that falls under Philadelphia’s Keystone Innovation Zones, which are geographic zones where young tech and life science companies can apply for up to $100,000 of saleable tax credits.

Innovation Center @3401 – A co-working space based in University City, Philadelphia. Their community is geared strongly towards helping STEM startups scale.

Impact Hub– A co-working space based in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia that regularly hosts community events. They promote collaboration amongst tech startups and entrepreneurs from all disciplines.

Indy Hall– A coworking space based in Old City, Philadelphia perfect for startups of all disciplines from the more creative media to science and tech. “Designers, developers, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, scientists, educators, small business owners, telecommuters, marketers, videographers, game developers, and more” are all vibrant members of their community.

Venturef0rth – A coworking space based in Central Philadelphia for tech startups and early-stage companies to collaborate with a community of peers, and gain guidance, operational and strategic support.

Helpful Legal Documents

Privacy Policy Template – This privacy policy can be used for websites with user generated content. Privacy policies inform site users of how site owners intend to use the (personal) information they contribute to the site.

Terms of Use Template – This template can be used for any website that has any type of user generated content.

Beta Test Agreement – Under this beta test agreement, the user agrees to maintain confidentiality on their use of the product, disclaims liability arising from the product and understands that the beta product could be inferior or may not function properly.

Employee Offer Letter – This letter lays out the terms of the employment offer, including the employee’s compensation, responsibilities and company policies they must abide by.

Equity Incentive Plan – Companies that are interested in issuing restricted or grant stock options to employees, advisors and consultants should use this.

Independent Contractor Agreement – This agreement can be used to govern the relationship between a company and an independent contractor or consultant.

Accelerating your Startup

Quorum’s Digital Health Accelerator – A Philadelphia-based digital health startup accelerator

Tigerlabs – A seed stage VC firm that invests in early stage B2B SaaS startups in industries such as fin tech, ad tech, ed tech, digital health and digital media. They’re most well known for supporting digital health startups, and have a flexible co-working space fairly closeby in Princeton, NJ.

Dreamit Health Philadelphia– A Philadelphia-based health accelerator

DreamIt Athena & DreamIt Access– Startup accelerators for tech-based startups led by women and minorities


Hiring Startup Stars 

Code for Philly – the name speaks for itself. Check out their events, largely advertised on They host monthly workshops for those who are new to coding.

Drexel Coop– Employ top students from Drexel University for six-month cycles year round. Drexel Co-op students perform better since employer evaluations are part of their bachelor’s degree requirements.

Word of mouth- Ask peers you meet at tech networking events!


Startup funding

Quorum’s Coffee & Capital Program – sit down with a small group of entrepreneurs and an investor for an informal Q&A session

Quorum’s How To Talk To Money – learn what angels and VCs are looking for

Startup PHL Funds– A fund containing $6Million to go towards early-stage technology or technology-related startups.


Staying Caffeinated

Center City





Lovers & Madmen

Fishtown & Northern Liberties

Steap & Grind

One Shot Cafe


La Columbe (remember they don’t have wifi!)

What else are we missing? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll be sure to update the list.