Your patience is wearing thin. It’s been 3 months and although you’ve managed to share a blog post and a couple of status updates on social media each month, your site’s traffic has been growing at a snail’s pace. What gives? You know people are interested in topics similar to what you’re writing about—you’ve checked the numbers with Google Keyword Planner. So why aren’t people coming to your blog? Maybe because there are 100s of other companies with blogs and news articles that are drawing their attention. Perhaps they’ve been burned a few times before, reading posts with catchy titles and little substance.Why should they view your company’s posts if they’re unfamiliar with your brand? How do they know that what you’re saying is even reputable? 

One of the most common roadblocks early-stage and mid-market companies generally face is gaining credibility. Having a credible, high profile organization or person vouch for them would make a world of difference. Every business wants to be featured on the TechCrunch or leading news blog of their industry. A content marketing strategy that includes influencer marketing can help you get there. With influencer marketing, businesses can build their online credibility by getting the right people and organizations to endorse their content with a Retweet, Like, Favorite, or Share. This content marketing strategy is commonly referred to as “influencer marketing”.

Who are these influencers?

  • They are the authors who write for niche and major publications in your market or industry. A quick search of their past articles should reveal that they have written about products or services similar to your own and could be persuaded to do it again

  • They are people with a great passion for your niche market. They frequently update their social network on issues that your offering could solve. Maybe they work in the field or maybe they don’t. They could be a consultant, community leader, or stay at home parent. Either way their passion has won over the hearts of their followers who religiously keep up with their content.

  • They have a large following on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or other social networks

  • They often share content that comes from outside sources

  • Their followers actively engage with the content they share


Here’s how you can engage with influencers on social media to expand readership of your content:


1. Set up lists for your influencers on Twitter

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.33.17 PM

Go to the Twitter profile of the influential person or organization you’d like to build a reputation with. Click “Add or remove from lists”.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.33.54 PM

For influential community leaders or writers create public lists that indicate their esteem. A public list called “Philly Voices” for instance could complement leading, local journalists.


2. Engage regularly with their Tweets: Like, share and respond to what they’re posting. You must show that you are genuinely interested in their perspective before attempting to get your offering onto their radar

3. Use your content to start conversations: Your actions on Twitter already show you value their opinion as experts. Share content with them that you believe they may find interesting. if they find the content you shared valuable, they’ll likely share it with their following. Share a mix of content from your company’s blog and other sources. Also, refrain from sending the same message to multiple influencers on your list. The last thing you want them to do is give the impression that you are spamming them.

4. Take your relationship to the next level: For those who you’d like to help you with gaining more than social media followers, you can try sending a direct message about an idea you have for a partnership, article or potential feature. Your previous interactions with these influencers should already indicate that there may be some synergies between the two. Your pitch, however, should be straight to the point and communicate the value for them.


Content that’s released without gaining any traction as measured by views and engagement is being produced at a loss. With influencer marketing, you can strategically place your content in front of the right people who are the gatekeepers to your target audience.