The most successful content marketing programs improve the care experience for patients, supporting healthcare organizations’ patient retention and many other goals. We’ve outlined 6 steps care organizations can take when developing a content marketing program focused on improving the patient experience:

1. Define Key Patient Groups: How you choose to prioritize which patient sub-populations your content will focus on depends on the distinct characteristics of your local market.


2. Go where your patients are: How are your patients already using the Internet to find health information? Which social media networks do they use most frequently?


3. Deliver actionable health management information: How do you want the content you share to inspire and educate patients to make better health choices? How can you support patients in caring for themselves outside of the care setting?


4. Connect your content marketing program to the physical world: Publicize community events and seminars, provider news and patient success stories to your blog, website and social media content. This will ensure patients feel a human connection when engaging in your health management community.


5. Deliver content in interactive ways: Video and image based content resonates with people’s feelings more than textual content. Recent studies also suggest patients more easily understand health information when presented using visual or interactive mediums.


6. Measure patient engagement and establish behavioral change indicators: Before creating a blog or social media pages, define how you expect patients’ interactions with your health content and social media community to influence their health choices. Use web and social media analytics tools to track patient engagement with your health content each month. Also, survey patients on whether they believe the health content shared and social community has influenced them to make better health choices.


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