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These statistics were compiled from a survey of 1,000 college-bound seniors conducted by Noel Levitz and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions:


The majority of students evaluate schools based on their website and social media presence.

• 76% found their target schools through Google or some other search engine
• 88% said they’d cross a school off their list if the site didn’t have the content they needed
• 85% said they wanted a school’s website to be simple with easy navigation
• 70% said they found it helpful if a school was active in social media


How do students find a school online?

• Google or other search to find schools by name—41%
• Use a site to match me, like MyCollegeOptions or The College Board—38%
• Enter words or phrases into Google—35%
• Refer to a printed document with a URL—13%
• Use NCAA or other athletic site—5%
• Guess until I get it—4%
• Research on MySpace or Facebook—3%


In your opinion, should schools create a web presence on social media networks to promote their programs?

70% of students responded Yes.