12 Signs Your Company Website Is Due A Redesign In 2020

It’s that time of year again when companies are making plans for how to grow revenues and win more business in the new year. It’s a no brainer, then, that website launches and redesigns peak at the start of the year. In today’s digital age, websites have become an integral marketing and sales vehicle for businesses to attract new customers and business leads.

Across industry sectors, it’s become standard practice for businesses to update their website every three years.

We explain why businesses commit to upgrading their website:


Website branding

The industry has changed. Cutting edge techniques and services have become popular, but aren’t getting enough spotlight on the site.

The website no longer reflects the business vision. Services listed on the site might even be out of date or inaccurately described.

Branding is inconsistent. Fonts, colors, logos, images, and call to actions look different depending on the page making for a confused user experience.

The customer doesn’t come first. Instead of focusing on brand impact, purpose and values, the site focuses on explaining the product. This is a big no-no for Gen Zers and Millennial consumers that expect to be sold on how and why a business can help improve their lives. Older generations, too, are becoming more attuned to values-driven marketing.

Website performance

The site’s too slow. Today’s online shopper expects websites to load in five seconds or less — or they’re gone.

The site isn’t secure. With cyber attacks and hackers making headline news, site encryption with HTTPS and SSL certificates have become industry standard.

The website isn’t mobile friendly. For the majority of Americans, smartphones have become their primary or only device used to access the Internet.


Website design

Design trends have moved on but the company’s website is still stuck in the past. With nearly half of web visitors judging a business’ credibility on website design, this is not a good position to be in. The professionalism of the website has a clear and direct influence on customer perception of brand strength and quality offering.

Navigating the site is a pain. The rule of thumb is that site visitors should be able to find whatever it is they ned in two or less clicks. Websites with out-of-date menu and navigation designs harm the user journey.

Website development

The site doesn’t come up on search engines. Websites developed without SEO or search engine optimization are structured in such a way that Google believes the site to be low quality and avoids sending traffic its way.

Website bounce rates are too high meaning too many people leave the site within seconds of it loading. First impressions are near instant.

Site visitors aren’t converting into leads or buyers.


Propel your business forward

If you’ve experienced any of the above shortcomings, then now may be the time to invest in a website redesign. Your website is one of your most valuable, and visible, marketing assets. Schedule a 30 minute assessment call with one of our Website Marketing ROI specialists today, and propel your business forward with Griot Digital.

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