Why wasn’t online marketing working??

Not many startups have the privilege of having both a marketing and technical industry expert on their leadership team. Practice Unite (now known as Uniphy Health), a mobile healthcare application startup, has both a co-founder who is an esteemed doctor and a digital marketing start up veteran leading the company. And yet their startup hit a roadblock when their efforts to drive business online was generating lackluster results.

They’d already tried optimizing their site for search engines and using powerful digital marketing software like Hubspot. Practice Unite’s leadership team understood the power of online marketing for businesses, but their investments were not reaping the returns they desired.

adam-final“My background is in digital marketing and while our business is doing well, I was frustrated by the underperformance of our online presence. Griot Digital presented a fresh and up to date content-driven approach that sold us that they could help us fix the issue.”

—Adam Turinas, Chief Executive Officer, Practice Unite

Identifying the needs of the customer

We worked with Practice Unite’s leadership team to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their current website and digital marketing presence, establishing best practices and benchmarks for our future success.

We discovered that the startup’s external communication failed to deliver a clear story of value to its customers. Site visitors were, quite simply, not being inspired to contact Practice Unite with business inquiries.


“We timed the launch of the new site to coincide with a PR program…The new site exceeded our expectations. The PR drove a massive spike in traffic but best of all the new web site drove much higher engagement and we have seen a big uptick in qualified leads and partnership opportunities.”

—Adam Turinas, Chief Executive Officer, Practice Unite

A Story of Transformation

In order to deliver a story that Practice Unite’s customers would find emotionally relevant and inspiring we first needed to transform their leadership team’s understanding of marketing. The people who constituted their target market of hospital and healthcare companies were time poor, stressed, burdened by technology, and being bombarded by change. We developed a business narrative for Practice Unite using extensive interviewing and third-party research to understand how the above factors shaped key stakeholders’ work-life environment, mental state and ultimate decision making.


“We found Griot Digital’s Storyboard exercise to be very valuable. It helped us focus as a business on our target audiences versus our user constituencies and clarify what was most important to them. Our management team has aligned behind this and it has helped sharpen our sales approach as well as what we do online.”

—Adam Turinas, Chief Executive Officer, Practice Unite

Attract. Engage. Convert.

Practice Unite’s website now delivers a story that compels visitors to take action at once unimaginable rates. Less than a year after relaunching Practice Unite’s website:

• Traffic to story and search optimized, content-rich site QUADRUPLED

• Organic traffic driven to site from non-brand related keywords is 2X higher than competitors

• Leads skyrocketed 16X 


  • Website struggled to deliver a clear sense of how Practice Unite’s mobile healthcare application benefited its users
  • Listing mobile app’s features was not compelling site visitors to contact Practice Unite with sales inquiries
  • Inbound marketing was not generating steady flow of content downloads


  • Established data-driven story that established Practice Unite as transformative solution for clinicians, hospital leaders and patients
  • Relaunched website with responsive design, social media and content marketing integrations
  • Delivered business narrative to align content used across website, blog, and social media

Why Griot Digital?

  • Strategic brand storytelling and content marketing consulting
  • High quality content writing
  • Flexible production schedule